VieBuy 3.8 Released

An update to has been released on the site.  This corrects an issue with the file export feature.  Recent browser releases are blocking the mechanism used in prior releases for security reasons.

The export feature has changed so that instead of a popup appearing, you will be prompted to save a file.

The exported files can be imported using the settings option.  You can use this feature to backup your filters, or to copy your filters from one browser to another on the same computer or different computers.


One thought on “VieBuy 3.8 Released”

  1. WOW, thanks! That was really quick to fix, a few hours after I commented on another one of your recent posts. The export function has been broken for at least 6 months, but had no way of getting a hold of you to let you know. There is absolutely no contact information other than this form.

    Viebuy is a huge to me, and I use it every day, but sometimes I have to clear cookies/browsing data or format my PC and I lost my settigns every time. I’m glad Export is working again.

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