System Maintenance – Apr 15

April 15:

Update:  Most features should be working now.  We will continue to monitor the system.  The Viebuy issue should be resolved too.

April 14:

We are doing some system maintenance today.   Operations may be interrupted intermittently.

If you have issues with VieBuy, reload your page.

If you have issues with BINSniper, try again after a couple minutes or reload your browser.


VieBuy 4.4 released is now running version 4.4

This update enables the option to include Auctions with Best Offer when searching for BIN listings.  This option has no effect when searching for auctions or All Listings, since they are already included.

Items found by this feature will have Auction: added before the title.

eBay has forced Best Offer on some auction listings without the seller’s prior consent, so buyers may object to offers in some cases.

eBay does not currently allow auction listings to have both Best Offer and Buy It Now, so these listings will only display an option to view the item without a buy button.   It is possible that both options could be available if eBay forces the Best Offer option on an auction with Buy It Now set.

If the version number displayed at the top of the page is not 4.4, refresh the web page to run the current version.  You may need to clear your cache it still doesn’t load the new code.

Viebuy 3.9 Released is now running version 3.9

View buttons and ImageOnly mode now land on a faster item detail page by default.  The preview popup in Image Only mode has been replaced by the item detail page.

The item detail page provides a faster workflow for reviewing item details before purchase. It uses much less bandwidth and typically loads faster than the eBay item listing page.

This option can be disabled in Settings.

If you have issues with the site appearance, please clear your cache and reload the page.

BINSniper Sidebar 4.0 Released

BINSniper Sidebar Browser Extension (webextension add-on) has been uploaded to Mozilla Add-ons and is now available.    This new edition is a streamlined version of prior releases designed to work well with the new requirements of Firefox and back to BINSniper’s roots.

Documentation:   BINSniper Sidebar Firefox Add-on for eBay

Add-on page:

You can also install approved versions thru the Firefox menu: Tools->Addons and then search for BINSniper.

Thank you for your patience.

  • New priority based icons replace the stars and colors.
  • Sorting is simplified.
  • This release is focused on fixed price items and new auctions listed with Buy It Now.
  • Auctions w/ Best Offer are now supported.
  • New display modes

The supported prior legacy add-on releases will continue to work under older Firefox releases until our migration to these new apps are completed.  Uptime is our number one priority.