Using filter exclude options in BINSniper and VieBuy

We’ve noticed that a number of users are checking ALL of the exclude filter options. Checking all of the boxes will prevent you from seeing most if not all items.

The filter screen has been changed to warn about this and clarify it a bit:

If you check all the boxes, you will be excluding free shipping items, returnable items, best offer items, etc.

The same is true for BINSniper.  We will update the the BINSniper screen in 3.01.

4 thoughts on “Using filter exclude options in BINSniper and VieBuy”

  1. Are both of these functions down?
    As of yesterday around 9pm both Viebuy and BINSniper are not working. No results/items are coming through.

  2. Viebuy running OK but when click on View or Buy it opens another viebuy browser and does not go to ebay. What am I doing wrong.

    1. Thanks for reporting this. Some auction items were causing issues. A fix has been applied and it should be working now.

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