Flipping Popular Clothing – Buy on eBay, Sell on eBay and Other Sites

Using BINSniper and VieBuy to buy clothing can be an easy way to double your money.

An eBay flipper recently shared his results flipping popular clothing on Reddit.

The flipper reported reselling items from Adidas, Affliction, Brooks Brothers, Oakley, Hugo Boss, Nike, Rag & Bone, Ralph Lauren, Under Armor and more. In all, 30 items were purchased for $820. The items were sold mostly on eBay, with a few sales on Grailed and Poshmark, within a six week period for $1875.

Instead of searching through thousands of listings or bidding on auctions for days, use BINSniper or VieBuy.com to monitor brand new listings that you can buy immediately.

By setting criteria such as price range, keywords, and category, you can set the tools to show you deals seconds after they are listed on eBay.