Terms of Service

This website and any web-based tools, browser add-ons, or software  listed here are subject to these terms of service.

Access to the servers which provides the web backend for various tools is provided under the following terms and hereafter referred to as “the service”. This service is established to support the add-ons and the resources are intended for and limited to legitimate users of the service. The following terms are necessary to ensure normal operation of the service:
– The service is intended for use with our add-ons (listed on this site) only.
– The service is intended as a buying tool for use with eBay. It is not to be used as a data collection device or research tool. Non-buyers may be excluded from accessing the service if they load down the service or data feeds excessively.
– Only users purchasing thru the supported sites are permitted to use the service.  If you reside outside of the supported countries, establish an eBay account in a supported country and use that to make your purchases.
– All sales that occur as a result of use of the add-on are the responsibility of the product sellers. We only refer buyers to items based on their criteria. We do not provide support, warranty, services, pricing, guarantees, recommendations, or represent the accuracy of any claims made by sellers. You are solely responsible for reviewing item listings and evaluating sellers.
– You are not permitted to modify our code for use of this service.
– You are not permitted to use, extend or incorporate our code, interfaces, identifiers, or servers with your own or third party apps.
– You are not permitted to use URL rewriters, redirectors, scripts or page modifiers in conjunction with the service to modify, bypass, intercept or click-jack the intended destination links.
– Use of the service for purposes other than direct unmodified use of our add-ons is theft of service.
– This service is not for use in life threatening situations, not for use in medical support, and not for use in emergency systems.
– Use of the service is at your own risk.

Data is provided by the sellers via third party sources. eBay data is provided by eBay via data feeds and APIs. This access is subject to the providers terms and may be revoked at any time. No warranty is provided for future accessibility.

We reserve the right to deny service to any user, IP address, or network for any reason. Users using the service to source data for other than their intended use will be blocked, delayed or restricted in other fashion.

Access to the support server (this site) is permitted for all users and interested parties. Access may be restricted at any time for any reason. Use of this site is at your own risk.

Spam comments are rejected in all cases. The comment system is for support, not for marketing crappy websites.

Comments, suggestions, and ideas for apps submitted to this site or via email are considered to be public submissions and may be used to expand or modify existing apps or develop new apps. You should not infer any exclusive use or non competition without prior written contract. In absence of a prior written contract, you grant us full rights to implement, adapt or use any ideas or suggestions submitted to us in any form via fax, email, mail, websites or other means.

The comments system on this site may use the Disqus service. When you use Disqus on this site, your comments are posted to their service and then shared back to us. Comments may appear on your summary page on the Disqus site. Contact Disqus for information on how to manage that page. Disqus is governed by their privacy policy and terms at http://docs.disqus.com/help/30/

These terms are subject to change without notice. Please review them with each new software release.

Last updated Sep 17 2018


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