VieBuy 4.4 released is now running version 4.4

This update enables the option to include Auctions with Best Offer when searching for BIN listings.  This option has no effect when searching for auctions or All Listings, since they are already included.

Items found by this feature will have Auction: added before the title.

eBay has forced Best Offer on some auction listings without the seller’s prior consent, so buyers may object to offers in some cases.

eBay does not currently allow auction listings to have both Best Offer and Buy It Now, so these listings will only display an option to view the item without a buy button.   It is possible that both options could be available if eBay forces the Best Offer option on an auction with Buy It Now set.

If the version number displayed at the top of the page is not 4.4, refresh the web page to run the current version.  You may need to clear your cache it still doesn’t load the new code.

DNS issue affecting some users – Resolved

Update: This issue has resolved for all users as of July 21.

On July 14, we experienced a short term problem with DNS that cause the and IP addresses to change for about 20 minutes. This has been corrected, and everyone should have been back online five minutes later. But we’ve noticed a few users are still experiencing problems with outdated or misconfigured DNS servers and trying to connect to the wrong server.

If you have connection problems, try pinging or, it should return If not, your DNS server is outdated/misconfigured. If you are not familiar with ping, you can usually ping the server from a command line like this:

If it works sometimes, try the ping command several times and see if the IP changes.

Things to try:
– Try flushing your DNS Cache. On Windows: open a command prompt and enter: ipconfig /flushdns
– Try flushing your firefox cache. Options > Privacy > Cookies and Site Data > Check: Cached Web Content (Only) > Clear
– Reboot
– We recommend using Quad9’s or Google’s as your primary DNS. Just enter one or both of these as your primary nameserver(s) in your network settings to avoid these issues in the future.

This should eventually resolve itself when your DNS server refreshes itself. Outdated DNS can cause errors that look like missing websites or outages during your normal browsing.

We cannot fix it for you, but you can contact your ISP and explain that their DNS is outdated. It’s usually much easier to just use one of the free DNS providers.

If you use a hosts file, the current IP for both domains is

Please note this IP address will change next week when we upgrade the server, so please try to resolve your DNS issues prior to that time. The server upgrade should be transparent for most users and we will add it in parallel for a day or two.

Server Upgrade Completed

The server upgrade for HTTPS/SSL has been completed.

Viebuy users may need to refresh the page. You should see “VieBuy v4.1 Connected” on the page if you have the new version loaded and a secure lock icon in the address bar.

BINSniper Sidebar users need to install version 4.1, which is now available the Mozilla Add-ons.
Select Tools->Add-ons in your browser. If you are not prompted to upgrade, click the triple dot icon next to BINSniper in the extensions list and select Update.

Legacy BINSniper users do not need to upgrade their extensions.

BINSniper users should see a secure lock icon in the address bar when landing on pages on

In some cases (we’re looking at you Chrome), some page redirects may be cached by the browser (which is crazy). If you have connection issues, or are redirected to unexpected pages, please clear your browser cache files. You do not need to clear cookies, history, etc – just files. Instructions for clearing cache files on various browsers can be found at

Please let us know if you have any issues connecting by replying to this post.

HTTPS upgrade – Week of Feb 10, 2020

We will be migrating the service to full time SSL/HTTPS sometime this week. There may be a small disruption of service. We do not expect it to be more than an hour. If you have trouble connecting to the service, please check this page first for more information.

SSL/HTTPS will provide secure data encryption of your web traffic. This change is necessary because of changes to Chrome as part of Google’s effort to force the world to use HTTPS.

The server will automatically redirect you to the HTTPS version once it is up and running. VieBuy users will simply need to refresh the page to get the secure content.

BINSniper users will need to upgrade their browser extension. A version for legacy Firefox and compatibles will be provided and the BINSniper Sidebar for current Firefox releases. Existing extensions will not work with the new server. We will provide these updates thru the Mozilla Add-ons feature at the same time that the server is converted. Add-ons will also be made available thru this site if the Mozilla distribution is delayed for any reason.

BINSniper Sidebar users need to update to v4.1

Legacy BINSniper versions (< 4) do not need to upgrade, the server will adjust. If you can't update BINSniper Sidebar or access the server with a Legacy version for some reason, will be available, so BINSniper users can use that in the meantime. The cut-over of the server will be done at a period of low activity, likely early AM (US Central Time), mid-week.