Announcing WatcherX – A Free Shopping Tool

We're happy to announce the release of WatcherX at where you can search hundreds of vendors for specific products, find the best prices, scan barcodes, and sync your mobile device to your desktop. This new shopping tool works with any modern mobile or desktop browser on Windows, Linux, Apple, and Android devices. WatcherX is product code oriented, so you can enter a UPC or EAN barcode number or do keyword searches to find matching products. You can even scan … [Read more...]

BINSniper® 2.7.2 Available

New in BINSniper 2.7.2: Corrected Apple Mac display issues in dialogs. Improved toolbar icon management for Firefox 29. Toolbar button can be placed on menu bar or add-on bar. The statusbar/add-on bar is being removed by Mozilla beginning with Firefox 29. Add-ons are available to restore this support. The Statusbar has been obsoleted for awhile now. For consistency, the BINSniper StatusBar mode has been renamed to Icon Mode in the menu, settings and docs   New in BINSniper … [Read more...]

BINSniper email w/ AOL

We've applied an update to our system that should fix email issues with AOL for some users. If you've had trouble confirming your AOL email account for use with BINSniper, you should be able to do so now.

VieBuy 2.0 Update

VieBuy is a competitive buying tool that works with all major (current) browsers. is now running version 2.0 code Just point your browser to and you're ready to go! New Features New screen layout Support for split countries: selet the site to watch and the site where you buy independently Filtering of international items by site and ship to. Find the items that can ship to you. How it Works VieBuy is designed to show the latest items in a dynamic … [Read more...]

BINSniper 2.6 released

New in BINSniper 2.6: Popup alerts have been reinstated at the request of some users. They are useful to users who run the app in the background while working on other applications. The item list in the statusbar has been removed and a new popup list has been provided. Instead of clicking the item list drop down, just single click the BINSniper icon in the addon bar to open the list. The behavior of BINSNiper icon in the addon bar has been enhanced in all modes. In statusbar mode, single … [Read more...]

WatchSniper add-on to be discontinued Sep 30

Support and development for WatchSniper will be discontinued on Sep 30. The app will continue to function thru at least year end and will remain available for download. Please visit the WatchSniper website at for locating online deals from a number of online vendors.