eBay Returns and Refunds

eBay has a liberal return policy that protects buyers from items that don’t match the description. If you purchase an item and find that it is not as described, you can return the item for a full refund including shipping costs.

If the item is below your expectations, and you find when reviewing the listing that it was not described properly, you can return it.  If the item is as described, you should return it using another option, such as “doesn’t fit”, “changed my mind” or other reason available.

But you also have the option to request a partial refund from the seller. Sellers may consider a partial refund to avoid having to issue a full refund or ship a new item.

For example, if you bought a new camera, and it arrived with some scratches, you might be willing to keep the item if it was fairly priced. The seller may be willing to offer a discount after the fact rather than have to take the item back and relist it at the lower price.

You and the seller can work together to agree on an acceptable amount for a partial refund, or you can return the item.

eBay’s policy on refund can be found here:  http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/item-not-as-described.html


Sunday Listings

Historically, eBay sellers like to list auctions items on Sunday afternoons so they end on Sunday afternoon the following week.  It’s a good time to have items ending, since the number of buyers online tends to be higher then.

While BIN items can be listed at any time, Sunday listings are also popular for fixed price items.

Be sure not to miss these popular listing times for scooping up deals with BINSniper and VieBuy.

Other times that get more listing action for Sundays are Thursday afternoons for 3-day and 10-day listings.  Tuesday afternoons for the less common 5 day listings.


BINSniper 3.2.1 Released

BINSniper 3.2.1 is now available

You can get the new version direct from this site here: http://auctionbucks.com/binsniper.xpi

It is also available from the Mozilla Add-ons page at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/binsniper/versions/

Docs are here: http://auctionbucks.com/binsniper

BINSniper 3.2.1 is now approved and available as a signed extension via Firefox auto-update.   Another lightning fast approval from Mozilla.


Features Added in 3.2

  • Seller Business type filters are now available. You can filter sellers by Private, Business, or both. This feature is currently supported by eBay on EU sites.
  • Multiple Quantity listings can now be excluded.  This can be used to filter out sellers with multiple items and show only single item listings. It is useful when searching for rare or unique items and can be used to exclude surplus items and large retailers. This is useful when looking for one of a kind deals.
  • Description search is now supported and selectable. This makes it easier to match listings where sellers did not specify your keywords in the listing title.
  • A couple minor fixes for duplicate auctions and icon behavior.

BINSniper version 3.1 users should migrate to 3.2.1 to take advantage of the new feature set.

BINSniper version 2.x  Firefox extensions will continue to operate normally. With the new features,  version 3.2.1 should work for most 2.x users and reduce bandwidth and processing loads as well.  Most 2.x users will find 3.2.1 speed to be comparable or faster, especially with many searches configured.


Open Issues

BINSniper 3.2 Sidebar mode does not show filter errors. After submitting your filters, you can switch to streamer mode or open the settings dialog to check for any filter errors.  This will be resolved in the next minor release.

Resolved Issues

Import/Export in BINSniper is fixed.

A couple errors in the new version were preventing the program from working in some cases or preventing filters from being entered.






VieBuy 3.2.1 released

VieBuy 3.2.1 is now live on viebuy.com

If your screen does not show version 3.2.1 in the connect message at the top of the VieBuy page, please reload or clear your cache and reload.


Resolved Issues

Subcategory inclusion in VieBuy is fixed.  All categories now include subcategories as noted above.

Item conditions are now being processed correctly.


3.2 releases – BINSniper and VieBuy

3.2 differences that you should be aware of:

How Categories and Channels Work

  • Channels are the top level categories of eBay.
  • Filter categories are sub-categories. When you select a filter sub-category, it overrides the top level channel category.
  • There is a new limit in 3.2 on categories: you can only specify up to three categories on a filter.
  • Categories filters now return all items in subcategories of your selected category.  You may be able reduce the number of filters you use by selecting a higher level parent category.

How Keyword Searches Work

  • When you are using grouping such as (ipad,iphone,ipad), the length of the group must be less than 100 characters.  The system will warn if you exceed this. You can split filters to workaround this limit.
  • Description searches are now supported. This searches title and description and in some cases item specifics of the listing.

Please post any questions to the 3.2.1 release threads for the program you are using or at least indicate which program you are using if you post here.