General Updates – April

Please be aware that some comments are answered via email (from email addresses) rather than thru the website. Make sure to set your spam filters accordingly. Comments that have specific use cases or don't have general usefulness for everyone are not usually posted to the site. Some users have been asking vague questions about not being able to receive items in BINSniper 3.0 but have not responded to our email followups. If you did not receive a reply, check your spam … [Read more...]

Using filter exclude options in BINSniper and VieBuy

We've noticed that a number of users are checking ALL of the exclude filter options. Checking all of the boxes will prevent you from seeing most if not all items. The filter screen has been changed to warn about this and clarify it a bit: If you check all the boxes, you will be excluding free shipping items, returnable items, best offer items, etc. The same is true for BINSniper.  We will update the the BINSniper screen in 3.01.

BINSniper® 3.0 Released

We're happy to announce the new BINSniper 3.0 system. Requirements This version requires Firefox 29 or higher.   Prior versions required Firefox 13.   Performance Changes Throttles and speed controls have been removed. All searches now run simultaneously at top speed. All items are streamed to your browser as soon as they are received from the feeds.     The new system fetches items using our server farm and streams only the relevant item content to your … [Read more...]

Performance Tuning for BINSniper 3

The article describes performance tuning for the eBay website for VieBuy and BINSniper 3.0 or higher.   How this varies from the BINSniper 2.x recommendations: BINSniper 3.x is more efficient on the network and performs better over 3G, WiFi and satellite connections too. There are no settings that improve item delivery speed. The following Firefox setting can be used to improve image and script loading time on fast network connection. This primary impacts load time of the eBay … [Read more...]

Server Upgrade

We are upgrading the BINSniper server.  Some temporary interruptions to service may occur.      

VieBuy 3.02 – Now delivers ending auctions

VieBuy 3.02 has now gone live What's new: Auctions The items feeds now include auctions that are ending in a few minutes. By default, auctions are enabled and only auctions with bids are shown. You can show all auctions, show only auctions with bids, or disable auctions on the Settings page. You should use the Arrival Sort option with auctions for best results. Auctions are identified in the lists by a gavel icon next to the time and the text "Auction:" in the item … [Read more...]