iPod U2 Classic – Hot Item – Other iPods follow

A rare UK version of the iPod Classic 4th Gen U2 edition recently sold on eBay for $90,000 See the full story here at Mashable Find new listings on www.VieBuy.com in the US Consumer Electronics channel. But be careful, there are some retrofit kits out of China for converting iPod's to look like the U2 version. All iPod Classic versions are getting a boost from the news that they are discontinued. Find them on eBay, Amazon and other vendors via WatcherX using the UPC Codes … [Read more...]

VieBuy 3.0 Beta Now Available

We're happy to announce the new VieBuy 3.0 system. Updates: We will be monitoring the system and making adjustments. Please post any requests here. The following adjustments have already been made: The 100 char limit on searches has been increased to 500 char. eBay DE categories added Support for extended characters added Generic searches for diacritics added - find "nuvi" or "nüvi" by searching for "nuvi"     What's new: New Display formats The display … [Read more...]

eBay Feed Changes

Data Feeds eBay recently migrated their data feeds to a new system and severely reduced the speed at which items are added. They appear to be batching items, so some items will be very new while other with be minutes old when they hit the feed. According to eBay, their websites will use the same data feed source, so items should appear in BINSNiper and VieBuy at the same speed as they do on the website. In testing we find that items may arrive around 10-12 minutes after being listed, but … [Read more...]

BINSniper® 2.8 Available

New in BINSniper 2.8: Added attention display on alert. This flashes the taskbar on windows (only when the browser is in the background). We suggest you add the add-on bar extension and drag the BINSniper icon to the add-on bar or the main toolbar. The icon will turn red when alerts occur. Updated for Firefox 32 Tested thru Firefox v32, minimum Firefox v13 For the full features list see the BINSniper User Manual.   Download Version 2.8 is available via Mozilla or directly … [Read more...]

BINSniper® – eBay feeds slow in some cases

We've had some reports that eBay feeds are intermittently slow. Some items are arriving late in the feed. These items are marked with a star in the BINSniper results.  Other items are arriving promptly. Results will vary depending on which eBay server responds to your requests. You can try http://viebuy.com or http://buyvie.com (UK) in RSS mode as a workaround during slow periods. In some cases RSS may be faster. We are planning to integrate some RSS data in the BINSNiper 3.0 … [Read more...]

Announcing WatcherX – A Free Shopping Tool

We're happy to announce the release of WatcherX at https://www.watcherx.com where you can search hundreds of vendors for specific products, find the best prices, scan barcodes, and sync your mobile device to your desktop. This new shopping tool works with any modern mobile or desktop browser on Windows, Linux, Apple, and Android devices. WatcherX is product code oriented, so you can enter a UPC or EAN barcode number or do keyword searches to find matching products. You can even scan … [Read more...]