Server Upgrade Completed

The server upgrade for HTTPS/SSL has been completed.

Viebuy users may need to refresh the page. You should see “VieBuy v4.1 Connected” on the page if you have the new version loaded and a secure lock icon in the address bar.

BINSniper Sidebar users need to install version 4.1, which is now available the Mozilla Add-ons.
Select Tools->Add-ons in your browser. If you are not prompted to upgrade, click the triple dot icon next to BINSniper in the extensions list and select Update.

Legacy BINSniper users do not need to upgrade their extensions.

BINSniper users should see a secure lock icon in the address bar when landing on pages on

In some cases (we’re looking at you Chrome), some page redirects may be cached by the browser (which is crazy). If you have connection issues, or are redirected to unexpected pages, please clear your browser cache files. You do not need to clear cookies, history, etc – just files. Instructions for clearing cache files on various browsers can be found at

Please let us know if you have any issues connecting by replying to this post.

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