BINSniper and Firefox 57

As you may be aware, the Mozilla teams have decided to yet again re-engineer the Firefox add-on system.  At this time, the change is scheduled to occur in version 57 of Firefox in November 2017.  Firefox is currently on version 54.

This change to the WebExtensions system will cause a great many add-ons to stop working with no path forward for compatibility.   Some developers have even chosen to drop Firefox add-on development entirely as a result of the constant design direction changes at Firefox.

The current versions of BINSniper will not be compatible with the new releases of Firefox due to the significant changes in the way Firefox handles add-ons and unsupported features in WebExtensions.

Current versions of BINSniper will continue to work with older versions of Firefox.

A new release of the BINSniper add-on is under development now.  The new version will be similar in features to previous versions.  The sidebar option is expected to be the same, but the streamer bottom bar option will be re-engineered.

We are also in the process of developing a browser-agnostic web based version of BINSniper that should work with most modern browsers. will also work with other browser and provided similar features.

Watch this site for more information on the new release.