BINSniper 3.4 and VieBuy 3.4 Releases

VieBuy 3.4 is now active at

BINSniper 3.4 is now available via the Firefox add-on installation process.

New Features

  • A new “All Channels” option is now available for search site-wide on any eBay site.  This feature allows you to use one filter across the entire site where items may be in more than one channel.  Using this feature can improve search delays.
  • Upgrade alerts and other system status messages will now be visible at the top of the VieBuy and BINSniper screens.  Notices of new features and releases will appear on the screen in both apps.
  • VieBuy has rotating tips at the top of the screen.  These can now be disabled in the Settings page.  The tips provide answers to common questions and are updated with information on new features.

All Channels

If you are running the same search in multiple channels, you can now select “All Channels” to search all of eBay without any category restrictions.

Channels are a friendly shortcut to searching categories. So if you are searching items that will only appear in one channel, you should continue to use the specific channels.

For example, if you are searching for iPhone 6 smartphones, you should use the “Cell Phones & Accessories” channel.  But if you are searching for a wide range of items related to frogs for your eclectic frog collection, you should use the “All Channels” option rather than create multiple filters.

In general you want to create as few filters as possible, while targeting the filters as much as possible.  This will give the fastest and most accurate results.

The “All channels” feature should not be used as a general replacement for all searches.  Single category searches are generally faster.

Note that if you enter category number in a filter while using “All channels”, only the selected categories will be searched.


6 comments on “BINSniper 3.4 and VieBuy 3.4 Releases

  1. scheppo on said:

    sorry, I dont understand the auction time setting.
    you wrote: If you set to 4, it does not show auctions ending in 1 second – 4 minutes.
    ok, i undestand that binsniper shows only auctions over 4 minutes runtime, but not 5 or more minutes.
    is this correct?
    you wrote: It does not control auctions ending in more than 4 minutes.
    ok, i understand only auction ending in 4m00s till 4m59s will show.
    is this correct?

    • AuctionBucks on said:

      you wrote: It does not control auctions ending in more than 4 minutes.
      ok, i understand only auction ending in 4m00s till 4m59s will show.
      is this correct?

      With a setting of 4 minutes, this option would show 4m00s – forever.
      But, only the first 100 items are retrieved.
      For broad searches, many of the 100 items may be excluded because they fall within the 0m00s-3m59s range.
      For focused searches, you should see up to 100 items.
      Also, if the “Only show auctions with bids” option is selected, items without bids will be excluded.

      There was also a hard 10 minute limit in the code that has now been removed. This was likely causing most of your issue.

      Starting in 3.4.2, to see items beyond the first 100, use the search buttons in the Settings->Filters.
      3.4.3 will be released before Friday with the fixes for the auction issues.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Hi
    with the new viebuy update. the dropdown box for the channels, does not show any categories.
    Once I have selected the site country for example ( UK – United Kingdom )
    I then go to choose a category via the channel drop down box – but it is totally blank? will not show anything? I have tried different browsers but still the same on all.

  3. scheppo on said:

    In 3.4 i cant save the Filters.
    New and Old same Bug.
    The SAVE Button has no function.

    The Time to Show Aucions ending dont save, it always stay at 4 Minutes.
    This bug i have also at 3.3
    And can you enhanced the ending Time selectable to 24H?
    The Reason is when i start my PC i see only the Auctions ending in a few minutes, but it will be much much better when i see all auctions ending the whole Day because i dont sit 24H on the PC.
    Ihope you can understand my english 🙂

    thx scheppo

    • AuctionBucks on said:

      Thanks for the bug report and feedback.

      The save bug fix will be submitted later today. 3.3 can be used in the meantime.

      The auction end time limit is currently capped at 4 and this limit will be removed.
      Please note, this option limits auction that are about to end. If you set to 4, it does not show auctions ending in 1 second – 4 minutes. It does not control auctions ending in more than 4 minutes.

      You are not able to see all open auctions because this sort of option is not compatible with the BINSniper display. An open ended list could contain more than 100,000 items.

      We are adding a search feature to 3.4.1 that will allow you to search for auctions from the Setting->Filters screen using the eBay site. You can use this option when you first start the program to review auctions you may have missed between sessions.

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