BINSniper 3.4 and VieBuy 3.4 Releases

VieBuy 3.4 is now active at

BINSniper 3.4 is now available via the Firefox add-on installation process.

New Features

  • A new “All Channels” option is now available for search site-wide on any eBay site.  This feature allows you to use one filter across the entire site where items may be in more than one channel.  Using this feature can improve search delays.
  • Upgrade alerts and other system status messages will now be visible at the top of the VieBuy and BINSniper screens.  Notices of new features and releases will appear on the screen in both apps.
  • VieBuy has rotating tips at the top of the screen.  These can now be disabled in the Settings page.  The tips provide answers to common questions and are updated with information on new features.

All Channels

If you are running the same search in multiple channels, you can now select “All Channels” to search all of eBay without any category restrictions.

Channels are a friendly shortcut to searching categories. So if you are searching items that will only appear in one channel, you should continue to use the specific channels.

For example, if you are searching for iPhone 6 smartphones, you should use the “Cell Phones & Accessories” channel.  But if you are searching for a wide range of items related to frogs for your eclectic frog collection, you should use the “All Channels” option rather than create multiple filters.

In general you want to create as few filters as possible, while targeting the filters as much as possible.  This will give the fastest and most accurate results.

The “All channels” feature should not be used as a general replacement for all searches.  Single category searches are generally faster.

Note that if you enter category number in a filter while using “All channels”, only the selected categories will be searched.


BINSniper 3.x and VieBuy Update

New faster (and slower) processing

A new filter processing system was installed on March 28 that changed how often filters are updated and how fast new items are delivered.  We apologize for the delay in posting this information.

This change addresses a performance problem caused by a small number of users who configure a large number of filters (in some cases over 100 filters).  At times, other users were negatively impacted and experiencing delays.

The majority of users, who have a small number of filters configured,  are already seeing faster updates as a result of this change.   Users in active categories are updated as fast as once per second.  In slower categories, updates typically usually run under five seconds.  Remember that eBay delays may impact actual delivery time of new items.

For those few users running a large number of filters, your performance will now be degraded.  In some cases updates may be running as infrequently as every 5 minutes in slow moving categories.  This is in addition to eBay delays.

An even smaller number of users were heavy consumers of system resources, but not buying at all,  have been blocked completely as they were just leeching from everyone else.

How to get faster updates

While in the past, we have recommended creating separate filters for different channels and products, this recommendation has now changed to suit the new system design.

You should consolidate filters wherever possible.  The fewer filters you have, the faster they will update.   Each user now has their own filter queue and filters are processed in round-robin fashion.   The more filters you have configured, the longer time there will be between updates of an individual filter.

Update:  New All Channels option now available.

Version 3.4 and above provide a new option to allow filters to span all eBay categories on a site.  While channels are still preferred for performance and convenience reasons, the new “All channels” option will allow those users that are configuring the same filters in multiple channels to further consolidate these filters and get better performance.


3.2 releases – BINSniper and VieBuy

3.2 differences that you should be aware of:

How Categories and Channels Work

  • Channels are the top level categories of eBay.
  • Filter categories are sub-categories. When you select a filter sub-category, it overrides the top level channel category.
  • There is a new limit in 3.2 on categories: you can only specify up to three categories on a filter.
  • Categories filters now return all items in subcategories of your selected category.  You may be able reduce the number of filters you use by selecting a higher level parent category.

How Keyword Searches Work

  • When you are using grouping such as (ipad,iphone,ipad), the length of the group must be less than 100 characters.  The system will warn if you exceed this. You can split filters to workaround this limit.
  • Description searches are now supported. This searches title and description and in some cases item specifics of the listing.

Please post any questions to the 3.2.1 release threads for the program you are using or at least indicate which program you are using if you post here. 3.2 Released has been updated to v3.2

This release adds the following features to filters:

  • Description search is now supported and selectable. This makes it easier to match listings where sellers did not specify your keywords in the listing title.
  • Seller Business type filters are now available. You can filter sellers by Private, Business, or both. This feature is currently supported by eBay on EU sites.
  • Multiple-quantity listings can now be excluded.  This can be used to filter out sellers with multiple items and show only single item listings. It is useful when searching for rare or unique items and can be used to exclude surplus items and large retailers. This is useful when looking for one of a kind deals.
  • Listing Type (Auction, BIN, Both) can now be selected in VieBuy at the filter level.  The “show auctions” option has been removed.
  • Some filter diagnostics have been added to display messages when filters have issues that may prevent items loading. An alert icon will appear in the Filters icon when certain errors are detected.

Other Changes

  • Bonanza support has been removed, mainly due to lack of interest.  The Bonanza product mix does not appear to be a good match for these apps. Some Bonanza items may be included in a separate features (tabs, etc) in future releases.
  • Wildcard searches have been removed.  This feature was rarely/never used by BINSniper and VieBuy users, and was not fully compatible with the new system design because eBay stopped supporting wildcard searches some time ago.





Using filter exclude options in BINSniper and VieBuy

We’ve noticed that a number of users are checking ALL of the exclude filter options. Checking all of the boxes will prevent you from seeing most if not all items.

The filter screen has been changed to warn about this and clarify it a bit:

If you check all the boxes, you will be excluding free shipping items, returnable items, best offer items, etc.

The same is true for BINSniper.  We will update the the BINSniper screen in 3.01.