VieBuy 3.8 Released

An update to has been released on the site.  This corrects an issue with the file export feature.  Recent browser releases are blocking the mechanism used in prior releases for security reasons.

The export feature has changed so that instead of a popup appearing, you will be prompted to save a file.

The exported files can be imported using the settings option.  You can use this feature to backup your filters, or to copy your filters from one browser to another on the same computer or different computers.


Outdated BINSniper versions removed – Migrate to version 3.4 Now

Versions 3.0.x – 3.2.x have been removed from Firefox Add-ons site and will be blocked completely on the servers on May 5.

Due to abuse, version 2.8.x has been removed from Firefox Add-ons site and will be throttled beginning Apr 30.

All users should migrate to version 3.4.x

Please respond to this post if you have any issues with version 3.4 that you’d like addressed in the new release.  We can’t guarantee that requests will be implemented in the next release, or in future releases, but all requests are considered carefully and weighed against the need of all users of the products.


Shopping by UPC/EAN Code

UPC and EAN are types of product numbers also referred to as GTIN (Global Trade Identification Numbers).

UPC and EAN barcode numbers can be used in keyword searches to find exact matching items for specific products.  This is an alternative to using keywords that sellers may or may not include in their item titles or descriptions.

To use UPC or EAN codes in BINSniper and, simply include them in the keyword field of your filters.  To search multiple codes, use the boolean OR syntax like this:


When shopping European countries, you should use the EAN number.  The UPC code can be converted to EAN by adding a zero to the front.  So the same search would look like this:


Not all products are available in all countries. is our search tool that is designed specifically with UPC/EAN searches in mind.  It shows a barcode icon for any item that has a UPC and also cross-references to similar UPC Codes.  You can save items to a watch list and share the list between computers using

One note about UPC codes on eBay.  UPC codes are 12 digits long, and so are eBay item numbers.  UPC codes have a check digit to validate them.  It may happen that a UPC code and eBay item number match.  In this case, eBay could return an unrelated eBay items page.  In cases where UPC codes are not in the eBay database, the website may interpret the code as an eBay item number and display and error page.  This does not occur with EAN codes which are 13 digits long.