BINSniper 3.4.2 Release

3.4.2 update is now available via Firefox add-on updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Filters can now be saved properly.

This update also includes:

  • Search buttons have been added to the Settings->Filters screen. You can search Auctions or Buy It Now items based on the filters you have entered.  This feature uses the keywords, channel, categories and prices to configure a search and displays the results on the eBay site.  You can use this feature to check items that may have been listed while you were not running BINSniper.
  • The eBay logos have been removed from each item list line to save some screen space.

Outstanding issues:

“Display auctions ending in X minutes” setting is not functioning as desired.  This option has been adjusted to allow settings up to 99 minutes, but setting a higher value causes more auctions to be filtered out. This will be corrected in the next release.  Use a low value in the meantime.  2-4 minutes is recommended.



BINSniper 3.4 and VieBuy 3.4 Releases

VieBuy 3.4 is now active at

BINSniper 3.4 is now available via the Firefox add-on installation process.

New Features

  • A new “All Channels” option is now available for search site-wide on any eBay site.  This feature allows you to use one filter across the entire site where items may be in more than one channel.  Using this feature can improve search delays.
  • Upgrade alerts and other system status messages will now be visible at the top of the VieBuy and BINSniper screens.  Notices of new features and releases will appear on the screen in both apps.
  • VieBuy has rotating tips at the top of the screen.  These can now be disabled in the Settings page.  The tips provide answers to common questions and are updated with information on new features.

All Channels

If you are running the same search in multiple channels, you can now select “All Channels” to search all of eBay without any category restrictions.

Channels are a friendly shortcut to searching categories. So if you are searching items that will only appear in one channel, you should continue to use the specific channels.

For example, if you are searching for iPhone 6 smartphones, you should use the “Cell Phones & Accessories” channel.  But if you are searching for a wide range of items related to frogs for your eclectic frog collection, you should use the “All Channels” option rather than create multiple filters.

In general you want to create as few filters as possible, while targeting the filters as much as possible.  This will give the fastest and most accurate results.

The “All channels” feature should not be used as a general replacement for all searches.  Single category searches are generally faster.

Note that if you enter category number in a filter while using “All channels”, only the selected categories will be searched.


BINSniper 3.x and VieBuy Update

New faster (and slower) processing

A new filter processing system was installed on March 28 that changed how often filters are updated and how fast new items are delivered.  We apologize for the delay in posting this information.

This change addresses a performance problem caused by a small number of users who configure a large number of filters (in some cases over 100 filters).  At times, other users were negatively impacted and experiencing delays.

The majority of users, who have a small number of filters configured,  are already seeing faster updates as a result of this change.   Users in active categories are updated as fast as once per second.  In slower categories, updates typically usually run under five seconds.  Remember that eBay delays may impact actual delivery time of new items.

For those few users running a large number of filters, your performance will now be degraded.  In some cases updates may be running as infrequently as every 5 minutes in slow moving categories.  This is in addition to eBay delays.

An even smaller number of users were heavy consumers of system resources, but not buying at all,  have been blocked completely as they were just leeching from everyone else.

How to get faster updates

While in the past, we have recommended creating separate filters for different channels and products, this recommendation has now changed to suit the new system design.

You should consolidate filters wherever possible.  The fewer filters you have, the faster they will update.   Each user now has their own filter queue and filters are processed in round-robin fashion.   The more filters you have configured, the longer time there will be between updates of an individual filter.

Update:  New All Channels option now available.

Version 3.4 and above provide a new option to allow filters to span all eBay categories on a site.  While channels are still preferred for performance and convenience reasons, the new “All channels” option will allow those users that are configuring the same filters in multiple channels to further consolidate these filters and get better performance.


BINSniper 3.3 Released

Version 3.3 has been released.  This is a bug fix release.

  • Fix for disappering right-click context menu in item lists after resizing columns
  • Toolbar icon is now optional. The icon will no longer be auto-installed on the main toolbar. To access the icon, use the Firefox View Toolbars -> Customize option and drag the icon to a visible toolbar.
  • It is no longer necessary to have the toolbar icon visible, but since most program functionality is easily accessed thru the icon, you will find easiest use by putting the icon in a visible location or in a commonly used toolbar.

You can get the new version direct from this site here:

It is also available from the Mozilla Add-ons page at

Docs are here:

BINSniper 3.3 is now approved and available as a signed extension via Firefox auto-update.   Another lightning fast approval from Mozilla.


BINSniper 3.2.1 Released

BINSniper 3.2.1 is now available

You can get the new version direct from this site here:

It is also available from the Mozilla Add-ons page at

Docs are here:

BINSniper 3.2.1 is now approved and available as a signed extension via Firefox auto-update.   Another lightning fast approval from Mozilla.


Features Added in 3.2

  • Seller Business type filters are now available. You can filter sellers by Private, Business, or both. This feature is currently supported by eBay on EU sites.
  • Multiple Quantity listings can now be excluded.  This can be used to filter out sellers with multiple items and show only single item listings. It is useful when searching for rare or unique items and can be used to exclude surplus items and large retailers. This is useful when looking for one of a kind deals.
  • Description search is now supported and selectable. This makes it easier to match listings where sellers did not specify your keywords in the listing title.
  • A couple minor fixes for duplicate auctions and icon behavior.

BINSniper version 3.1 users should migrate to 3.2.1 to take advantage of the new feature set.

BINSniper version 2.x  Firefox extensions will continue to operate normally. With the new features,  version 3.2.1 should work for most 2.x users and reduce bandwidth and processing loads as well.  Most 2.x users will find 3.2.1 speed to be comparable or faster, especially with many searches configured.


Open Issues

BINSniper 3.2 Sidebar mode does not show filter errors. After submitting your filters, you can switch to streamer mode or open the settings dialog to check for any filter errors.  This will be resolved in the next minor release.

Resolved Issues

Import/Export in BINSniper is fixed.

A couple errors in the new version were preventing the program from working in some cases or preventing filters from being entered.